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Our ambition behind building Template Prompts

      Every great product starts with a vision of a better way. Ours, was to improve the way we are interacting with the AI prompt-based tools.

      In the fast-paced economy of today's world, AI tools bring a widely appreciated productivity boost to professionals all around the spectrum. However, the best professionals will not only enjoy enhanced productivity but focus on improving the quality of their work. And this is where longer, complex prompts come into play, as short/simple prompts will usually return mediocre results.

Our goal

Create a toolset that improves both the efficiency of our users and the quality of their results while using AI tools

      Users often grapple with similar use cases but tend to write prompts from scratch, time and again. Whether you are crafting marketing messages, generating blog posts, or creating illustrations, it can be tiresome and often challenging to consistently produce high-quality, complex prompts, especially as you usually need to write a lot of boilerplate. The result? A repetitive task that eats into your time and energy, and potentially returns sub-par results.

      Does this sound familiar? Well, it did to us. And that's why we've launched Template Prompts.

We're solving the problem by offering:


a simple way to create reusable, customizable prompts that can be easily pasted inside the AI tool of choice

Private prompts library

the possibility to store, tag and organize all prompts inside a single privately owned collection, in an easy and accessible manner

      By using Template Prompts, you can focus on what truly matters - the quality of your interaction with the AI tools. Less time spent on repeating boilerplate or using low-value prompts, no more forgetting where you've written down your previous great prompt, just seamless, high-quality prompting for better results.

      Template Prompts is the perfect companion to prompt-based tools such as ChatGPTGoogle BardMidjourneyStable Diffusionand many others.

Try our template generator below

You are a copywriting assistant. Write a newsletter addressed to new subscribers in which you will give them 10% off on their next order. My business is called StyleSense. It is an online clothing store with an AI-powered virtual stylist. It offers a curated collection of clothing for men and women, providing personalized recommendations based on customers' existing wardrobes, style preferences, and fashion trends. Use a friendly tone of voice and have a maximum of 300 characters.


AI tools


      And we're not going to stop here. We will continue to work hard and improve the product, offering new tools that will empower us to be more productive and get better results out of the LLM-based AI tools.

      Next time you need a prompt, just turn to Template Prompts. Make it your sidekick and use it for better AI interactions. And remember that every great chatbot conversation starts with a great prompt.

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions as we continue to improve and refine Template Prompts to better serve your needs.

      Thanks for reading and happy prompting!