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Your personal AI prompts generator

Write complex AI prompts. Use variables to turn them into templates. Store and organise prompts in your own private library.

Turn complex prompts into templates
Envision your prompts as a templates, not one-off requests, by using variables. Easily change the values of the variables to use the same prompt with different data.
e.g. Write a blog post about ***subject***
Fast copy-paste into your AI tool
With just one click you can copy any customized prompt into your tool of choice. Adjust values to suit other use cases, then repeat.

e.g. Write a blog post about SEO tips

Organize prompts by tools and tags
Store everything into your own private library. Group similar prompts with custom tags for easy filtering and identification. Finally, add your best AI prompts to Favorites.

Prompt engineering can become simple and organized.

Save all prompts in a single private space and reuse them with templates.

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Improve your prompting with fast templating and easy copy-paste.


Easy store & retrieve
Better AI prompts
Enhanced productivity

Your own private prompts library

Store all of your prompts inside a single unified prompts library that is completely private and easily accessible

Templates for prompt generation

Use templates to configure and reuse your complex prompts with a single click. Write once then use with ease!

Organized library

Sort prompts by tags and AI tools so you can easily find them at any time. Mark your best AI prompts as Favorites to be 1-click away.

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